Mensagem’s Creole journalism project wins European award for diversity and inclusion from Wan-Ifra

Mensagem de Lisboa was distinguished with the Best Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative Award at WAN-IFRA’s European Digital Media Awards for its journalism project in Creole.

The International Association of Newspapers and Newspaper Publishers highlighted the involvement of the public in the co-creation of content in a language that, although it is the second most spoken language in Lisbon, is absent from the media. “It’s an award we’re very proud of because it represents the communities we serve and what we do with them. A more mixed and inclusive Lisbon,” says Catarina Carvalho, the newspaper’s director. Dino D’Santiago (and his Lisbon Criola platform) is the godfather of this collaborative initiative, which has received a Newspectrum grant for journalism in minority languages and support from the Midas – European Association of Newspapers network.

Photo: Rita Ansone (Message).