Research projects


EIJI – Strategies for Innovation in Investigative Journalism

Objective: This project aims to overcome existing weaknesses in academic research on investigative journalism in Portugal from a dual perspective, fundamental and applied, and in the context of innovation.

Period: 2022-2023

Team: Pedro Coelho (coord.), Dora Santos Silva, Marisa Torres da Silva and Patrícia Caneira (PhD student); Filipe Teles and Paulo Pena (collaborators).

Partners: SIC and

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sIIC – Knowing how to innovate in the cultural and creative industries

Objective: to identify competencies, conditions, skills, and levels of cultural literacy that enhance sustainable innovation and creativity in CCIs.

Period: 2022-2023

Team: Dora Santos Silva (coord.), Ana Marta Flores, António Granado, Maria João Centeno; Ana Sofia Paiva, Gabriela Fernandes and Patrícia Caneira (PhD students).

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Solutions Journalism in Portuguese

In early 2022, researcher Dora Santos Silva won one of the 16 LEDE fellowships awarded by the Solutions Journalism Network (SJN), with the LOCAL project, selected from nearly 250 international applications. LOCAL – Leveraging Portuguese-Spoken Media and Journalism Training aims to create a database that continuously makes available pieces of solutions journalism developed in Portuguese and an e-learning course on solutions journalism, also in Portuguese. The project also includes partnerships with local media and the introduction of the topic in curricular units.

Cultural habits of people with disabilities

Objective: to identify cultural habits and obstacles to cultural fruition by the audiences with disabilities, within the scope of cultural accessibility.

Partner: Access Lab

Team: Dora Santos Silva and José Sotero

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