INN2023 | Call for artist and research residencies

In our times, innovating carries a cumulative, fluid, and paradoxical dimension: the new contexts and the pace of change do not make it an option. Innovation seems to be mandatory, but there is no single formula. Above all, innovating immediately implies a question: Why? And then another: How? Early studies in media innovation reflected the priority given in the industry to technological innovation (Pavlik, 2013; Posetti, 2018). However, the multidisciplinary and convergent nature of innovation in the media requires the strengthening of research lines in various dimensions – from narrative to social innovation, from financial to inclusive, from responsible to sustainable – and associated with multiple themes, such as journalism, audio studies and other formats, media skills and media literacy, well-being and work contexts, or media production in the other creative industries; in short, it is necessary to explore the concept of innovation from a conceptual and performative point of view in the media sector and beyond.

INN 2023 – I International Conference on Media Innovation, in a bilingual edition, is dedicated to the theme “(Per)forming Innovation” and also presents an innovative structure: a makeathon for doctoral students and young researchers, workshops and master classes, theoretical discussions, debates with professionals, hybrid sessions, artistic residencies, and also the first edition of media innovation awards.

There are calls for two formats: communications and proposals for artist and research residencies.

In the proposals for artist and research residencies, we encourage physical and virtual artistic experiences related to the theme “(Per)forming innovation”, during the three days of the conference, capable of involving the public, namely:

  1. experiments/ prototypes/installations with sound, image, video, text or other immersive formats;
  2. works in the visual arts (architecture, fine arts, design, photography and new media);
  3. works in the field of performing arts;
  4. disciplinary intersections and other artistic experiences appropriate to the conference format.

Guidelines for submitting proposals

Proposals should follow the following guidelines:

  • be written in Portuguese or English;
  • not exceed 500 words;
  • include up to 5 keywords;
  • include the authors’ names and a short biography and/or portfolio;
  • categorize the project in the artistic areas in which it falls;
  • clearly state the objective of the project and the residency, how it realizes the concept “(Per)forming innovation” during the conference (at one or several moments) and, if applicable, necessary requirements (such as space and equipment).

Contact us for more information: [email protected]

Proposals should be sent to the e-mail [email protected] until December 20 30th (final deadline), mentioning the subject “INN2023: Proposal for Artist Residency”. Proposals will be evaluated by members of the conference’s Scientific and Artistic Committee and authors will be notified of the decision by January 3.

Full Papers and Essays

Authors are not required to submit full papers or essays on the residencies but may do so after the conference to the journals associated with the event: Media & Journalism journal will host a limited selection of the best papers subject to a prior peer review process; Journal of Communication and Languages will edit a thematic issue dedicated to media innovation in artistic and cultural contexts, to be published in 2024, with a selection of the best articles subject to a peer-review process. Both are indexed in Scopus. More information about publication guidelines and dates will be published in due course.